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On 1998, Dean graduated from the (Things to Come Mission) TCM's International Grace Bible Institute (Philippines), and then worked as a pastor in three congregations. He also worked as a youth coordinator and a campus ministry leader. While pastoring in Cagayan de Oro, he also preached on the weekly "Hour of Grace" radio broadcast for 5 years, and helped in translating articles for Grace Ministries Digest, the official magazine for TCM in the Philippines.

Last March 21, 2003, Dean made a big leap of faith to South Africa. Like any other foreign land, all things are different, people are new and places are unfamiliar yet the ultimate goal is the same; to save the lost and to edify the saints. As a young missionary, it is not just a mere adventure but a challenge of faith that should be responded to with wisdom and courage.

Dean ministered in South Africa as a missionary under Things to Come Mission, USA. For about three years, he worked as an evangelist, trainer and a church planter. He directs the work in South Africa and represents South African ministry to the USA.

Last 2003, Dean graduated with his Bachelor of Divinity from Calvary University in United Kingdom and now almost finish with his Master of Ministry.

Last October 2005, Dean went home to the Philippines and got married last December 3, 2005 to a gospel singer and music missionary, Sheba Buagas. As a daughter of a church planter pastor, she is very much exposed to the ministry and her profession as a singer made her travel around the Philippines and overseas.
Birthday: June 24, 1978
Place of Birth: Surigao City (Mindanao), Philippines
Educational Attainment:
Bachelor of Arts major in Mass Communications

Director – M.O.V.E. Theater Group
Apprentice – YESHUA (theater arts)
Trainee – TRUMPETS (musical theater)
TV Production Asst-Trainee – Bubble Gang, GMA7
Movie Director’s Trainee – Regal Films
Field News Reporter – 702DZAS, Far East Broadcasting Co.
Station Manager/ DJ – 91.5 Hot FM, Manila Broadcasting Co.
Professor of Mass Communications – Olivarez College
Voice & Drama Coach – Gospel Pop Music Center
Singer/Actress – M.O.R.E. Productions
Managing Director – Ministry Of Reconciliation Evangelism Intl.
Jehosheba "Sheba" BUAGAS - PADAYHAG